Efficient systems for gas conditioning for biogas, sewage gas and landfill gas

In Germany and Europe, SILOXA AG is a leading and specialised provider of gas purification technology with components for conditioning biogas and products for treating sewage gas and for conditioning landfill gas. Customers have been reaping the benefits of our regularly developed new and innovative solutions for gas purification, gas drying and gas compression for many years.

The company was founded in 1998 and today, at our production plant in Essen, we manufacture products for increasing the efficiency of gas engines in biogas plants and other applications, with a high degree of vertical integration. More than 50 people – from engineers to trainees – work for SILOXA . All plant components are individually designed, manufactured and, if desired, installed. This means that our customers receive everything from a single source. Naturally, this also includes a comprehensive after-sales service, providing optimal support and maintenance of the gas conditioning plants.

We offer our activated carbon service for our filters and for all other brands. Different types of activated carbon are used depending on the conditions on site.

For all our gas conditioning plants, we provide comprehensive descriptions of the product itself and of the expected maintenance work together with detailed data sheets. We design the plants to suit the conditions on site and your specific requirements, so we have prepared a request form for each product. Just call us on +49 201/99 99 57-0 and we will be happy to take time for you and answer your questions on the phone.


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am 28.07.2017 sind wir in unseren neuen Firmensitz eingezogen. Kleinere Baumaßnahmen müssen noch an der Außenanlage fertiggestellt werden, die nach und nach in...

Following the turning of the first sod for the new building of SILOXA AG in September 2016, the first section for the activated carbon division with incoming goods, picking and shipping was completed and occupied in January 2017.


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